Mesotherapy for weight loss

One of the most popular techniques used for weight loss is mesotherapy, which is considered as an art therapy applied through a series of superficial intradermal injections.

Many people do not come to this method because of the fear of needles but in reality these injections are painless, what are injected vasodilators, minerals, vitamins and natural plant extracts in a given area.

Thanks to mesotherapy which is injected acts more directly on the affected area with lower doses would be needed if it is applied by other means, as it can be oral.

Notably mesotherapy is used not only to lose weight but also to combat skin diseases, phlebological, circulatory damage sports, rheumatological diseases and pain syndromes.

The main precaution to keep in mind when opting for this technique is to use a cosmetic specialist qualified for application. Note that there are many clinics or centers that advertise these services without the necessary staff or with tools in good condition, which could put us in a situation of great risk.

Currently there are two ways to aplicarlamesoterapia the first is manually and the second with devices that seem pistols and inject automáticamente.El period and number of sessions depends on being treated badly, also, mesotherapy is not suitable for all people , first we have to see how the body reacts to this novel treatment.