Care for hair dyeing

When we dyes or radically change the color of our hair nice to see us, we often forget that in these cases the hair will need some care, lest they lose their beauty and to appreciate healthy and safe. For this we tell you what the best recommendations to keep the hair in perfect condition after dye, and prevent drying, which fork gets weak and brittle.

Problems with dyed hair

Before mentioning how to care for and protect colored hair which you talked about are the most common problems that have this type of hair, especially because when exposed to the dyes, we are altering the natural texture subjecting it to chemicals that cause the color becomes. Some women dye all her hair, and other strands or rovings are made clearer, or fade to dramatically change the natural color of your hair, in all cases the presence of aggressive substances that make progressive use of dyes becomes unruly hair, lose their luster, becomes dry, brittle and unhealthy, Weakening, abused and in many cases not only causing damage to the hair cuticle, but favoring the fall of it.

Tips to care for hair dyeing

If you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above, surely you're wondering, how to care for your hair dyed, so that this does not happen, notes, surely we can help.

  • It is imperative that once you start to use dyes to change or improve the tone of your hair, use specific complementary treatments for colored hair, They will provide color and protection to help keep the hair fiber in perfect condition, especially nurturing, shampoo, hair conditioners and bathrooms for colored hair should be the preferred options from that point.
  • The dyed hair become dehydrated more easily, do not hesitate once a month to go by your stylist and realizarte a moisturizing treatment shock by plant nutrients and steam, thus prevent the tips are opened during the month and become brittle and rebels.
  • Do not forget buy a good conditioner for colored hair, It helps to protect you in every wash, and provides daily hydration and nutrition. There are excellent products on the market rich in Provo, that keep cuticles closed, giving shine and softness to your hair.
  • In summer, keep in mind styling creams and spray with single protection filtersr, are ideal to show off the natural hair or outdoors without forgetting to protect them.
You know, this way you can protect the color and health of your hair, especially if you regularly use dyes to change or reinforce your color. A look we all love a healthy hair, be sure to keep them in mind and prevent it from deteriorating over time, or until the next dye.
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