Advice and tips to prevent skin spots on face

At the time of referring to skin care and stain protection, not enough to think that only during the summer and when exposed to the sun, it must take care, as during the fall and winter when temperatures still not are high, the sun can damage the skin , and care is a process that has no seasons, but should be practiced throughout the year.

Why are spots on the skin?
Excess melanin stimulating it is often the reason why many women suffer from skin blemishes while some appear at the time of birth, the other over the years, if we do not intensive care increase or appear in those areas most sensitive. Among other causes, we should also mention that there are opportunities where the skin spots appear in front of the hormonal changes during pregnancy, if you take oral contraceptives may increase the levels of melanin, and facing a high sun exposure, stains subtle than we have in the skin turn dark and difficult to treat.

Tips to prevent the appearance of spots on the skin
  • The first thing to keep in mind, when we need to avoid the appearance of spots on the skin, and even more so if we know that we have a predisposition to suffer it, is to use creams with sun protection factor . They not only serve to prevent staining, but also help to mitigate those already settled over the years.
  • The skins pigmentandas or predisposed to staining should always use SPF + 30, in the event that they are specific and not many spots, you can apply the protection factor on it and then apply moisturizer to protect .
  • The face usually needs a +15 or +20 sunscreen, today on the market almost all the face creams formulated to have these protective factors, including building foundations contain them.
Remember that although it is summer, there should be a sunscreen to prevent staining, and to avoid products that contain alcohol in their formula, since they increase the chances that the spots appear when you are exposed to the sun.