How to prevent and combat crow's feet

We know that the crow's feet are the lines that form around the eyes, many say they are a sign of aging, but with all these weather changes also occur in young people, men or women, sometimes the sun is so strong that one goes out and tries to protect your eyes frowning eyes, as your face is exposed to the sun, this makes the elasticity of our skin gradually loses force, the skin becomes dry and is more likely to have wrinkles.
Protection to prevent crow's feet

To prevent the emergence or deepening of these annoying marks, here are some tips with home remedies very easy to do:
  • To go out on his face always apply a good sunscreen medicated, if possible recommended by a dermatologist.
  • He wears sunglasses, wide brimmed hats and now that the need for care is catching on, a small umbrella.
  • If you smoke, make way possible to leave it, we know that is difficult, but if you want your welfare, we know that you will succeed, because the smoke is one of the key players to help make your crow's feet, because it tends to irritate the eyes and skin.
  • If your makeup, do not use chemical removers that can damage your skin and give way to the crow's feet or wrinkles, opt for a healthier and vegetable oils such as (olive oil is one of the best).
  • The exercise you should practice is to pinch the forehead twice daily starting from the bridge of the nose and ending at the front.
To prevent crow's feet

In case you have crow's feet and very strong, we also give you the tips that can fight and mitigate.

The capsules of vitamin E are our allies, you can find them at any herbalism are great to keep the crow's feet at bay, you must open and apply the content directly. You can even mix their content with green grapes. Apply the mixture directly to crow's feet, but at night and the next day morning you wash your face with warm chamomile.

Another important partner is the papaya puree or mashed carrots with a drop of olive oil, also will be helpful to delay its onset, I apply to the affected area at night and after 20 minutes you rinse it with warm water, dry carefully and apply your usual cream.

To combat crow's feet

The mask of honey is one of the most recommended for this well mixed two tablespoons of honey with two of barley flour and one egg yolk, apply in the area of ​​the crow's feet, let it act for 20 minutes and then you wash with warm water, what better if chamomile water, you should apply two or three times a week.