Healthy foods that help you lose weight

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Good food and health go hand in hand, and if we take care of both aspects, most likely will not have problems of overweight. Many times we complain because we do exercise and the scale continues to set the same kilos, do you happened?
The reason for this is that for a proper functioning of our body the necessary nutrients we need without them, basic functions such as circulation and digestion are affected and therefore we are unable to reach the ideal weight.
Then in blog of Beauty and Health we detail some fruits and vegetables that should be part of your daily diet as they are essential for weight loss in a healthy way:
  • Eggplant : known as the "broom" plant, because it sweeps our intestines preventing the formulation on its walls cholesterol and other waste substances. It also helps regulate bowel movements and reduce the blood glucose level. Another benefit is that it helps prevent fluid retention.
  • Pumpkin : it is used throughout. The flesh light, cleansing and digestive, to prepare all kinds of creams and sauces; pipes (seeds or seedless), such as nuts, are rich in protein, minerals and good fats, and the flowers are created delicious dishes. If you have slow digestion problems, make pumpkin cream will help regulate intestinal transit.
  • Courgette (zucchini) is the garrison star. Emphasize its diuretic power, as it helps to reduce volume, is very light (only provides 19 kcal per 100 g), is rich in fiber, which keeps the intestinal transit in perfect condition.
  • Cherry : it is very light. A hearty helping of the fruit represents only 100 kcal. Moreover, its high fiber content gives a mild laxative effect that helps digestion. It is highly recommended in weight control diets, especially because it has the power to help reduce abdominal fat. Be sure to include in your daily diet, as they not only help shape your figure, and also the presence of vitamin A and C in cherries protect and soften the skin.
  • Asparagus : containing asparagine, a substance very diuretic that helps eliminate toxins through urine. They also have potassium and water, an excellent combination that makes the asparagus in one of the most suitable food against fluid retention. And last but not least, have satiating effect due to its high fiber content. We advise you to consume natural as containing abundant sodium canned, which makes them less power draining.

Tips to prevent weight gain at age 40

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Over the years, our body changes, decreases the production of certain hormones and thereby alter the mechanism to regulate the distribution of adipose tissue, and the ratio between muscle and fat. Also, with age, our metabolism slows somewhat slower, and all causes, still eating the same, fatten a little more each year.
Introducing some changes in your diet, which will help offset the decline hormone naturally and practicing exercises that strengthen the muscles, avoid having to reach age 40 accumulate more fat. To help achieve this, blog of Health has selected these helpful tips food notes:
  • The first rule is to eat the same amount, since most times the power fails because of the disorder, for example: a little breakfast, followed by a meal, snack all afternoon and dinner.These disorders end up taking its toll on our figure.
  • The key is to avoid stop to five meals rigorously. Very important is to not let the morning snack and afternoon and of course make a full breakfast.
  • The rule of five meals works as long as these are moderate. Think that eating little and often you make your body work harder in digestion of food, an increase in calorie expenditure.
  • Replaces saturated fat by unsaturated. Although fat has a high energy content, we must not stop eating because it is our source of energy and the need to supplement for the absorption of important vitamins. What we must do is moderate their consumption, emphasizing unsaturated fats (olive oil, nuts, etc..) And reducing saturated (meats, whole milk, etc..).
  • The carbohydrates that are slowly absorbed, present in vegetables, whole grains, legumes, etc.., contain lots of fiber and vitamins and you satiated for longer. The rapid absorption sugars, refined flour, etc. Not have this effect can increase satiety and blood glucose too.
  • The protein should be consumed in proportion. Remember not to abuse because the excess is stored as fat. Includes light fish protein, white meat and vegetables in your daily diet.
  • The fiber strengthens the digestive system, prevents constipation, helps reduce bad cholesterol levels and has a satiating effect. 

Advice and tips to prevent skin spots on face

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At the time of referring to skin care and stain protection, not enough to think that only during the summer and when exposed to the sun, it must take care, as during the fall and winter when temperatures still not are high, the sun can damage the skin , and care is a process that has no seasons, but should be practiced throughout the year.

Why are spots on the skin?
Excess melanin stimulating it is often the reason why many women suffer from skin blemishes while some appear at the time of birth, the other over the years, if we do not intensive care increase or appear in those areas most sensitive. Among other causes, we should also mention that there are opportunities where the skin spots appear in front of the hormonal changes during pregnancy, if you take oral contraceptives may increase the levels of melanin, and facing a high sun exposure, stains subtle than we have in the skin turn dark and difficult to treat.

Tips to prevent the appearance of spots on the skin
  • The first thing to keep in mind, when we need to avoid the appearance of spots on the skin, and even more so if we know that we have a predisposition to suffer it, is to use creams with sun protection factor . They not only serve to prevent staining, but also help to mitigate those already settled over the years.
  • The skins pigmentandas or predisposed to staining should always use SPF + 30, in the event that they are specific and not many spots, you can apply the protection factor on it and then apply moisturizer to protect .
  • The face usually needs a +15 or +20 sunscreen, today on the market almost all the face creams formulated to have these protective factors, including building foundations contain them.
Remember that although it is summer, there should be a sunscreen to prevent staining, and to avoid products that contain alcohol in their formula, since they increase the chances that the spots appear when you are exposed to the sun.

How to have perfect skin

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The care of our skin is something that almost every woman worries us, especially because we prefer to avoid the visibility of imperfections if you always want to show off perfect hiding over time. Many times it is dry, flaking, or simply shows an excess of sebum and open pores making it not look at all like us like.

Tips for dry
To lead a perfect skin either in our legs, hands, buttocks or elsewhere in the body, it is essential to remember that we must moisturize to protect, there are many treatments on the market moisturizers that will give us good results and allow us to show off a perfect skin. Dry skin in mostly due to lack of hydration, which results in the same desquamation or possible wrinkles, especially in those places where it is thin and sensitive. Treatments rich in vitamin A and E are essential to hydrate and care for regenerating tissue and restoring its natural texture ..

Tips for oily and normal
Generally normal skin, require little care , although it is advisable to keep hydrated if you want to look perfect. Cleaning, and subsequent placement of treatments moisturizing ingredients is key to their care.

For oily skin, should take extra care a little more, since excess sebum, makes it look very shiny, and often poor housekeeping and build up can cause pimples or acne. It is essential to avoid these effects, clean it properly, especially before putting your makeup and at night to remove.

The glare washes or grease, are helpful at the time of removing excess sebum and impurities on the skin. Also recommended astringent tonics that help tighten pores just to avoid the effect of oily shine.
A homemade trick that never fails is a piece of ice wrapped in gauze or a cotton ball and wipe over the skin of the face, this way will close the pores and oily skin can make up without any problems.

Makeup tips for blue eyes

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For eye makeup, you have to take into account more than just fashion colors. The most attractive colors can show off but really thou shalt bring forth out of them, then, find the colors that suit you. And of course, we must also take into account the time of day for which your makeup, not to fail in makeup.

And as the eye color is also essential, today we give you some ideas for blue eyes makeup.So you see you remember with what suits you best.

Blue eye makeup for the day, is to choose colors that are attractive, favoring blue hue of your eyes and make them look natural, because we use a makeup day more relaxed. These ideals are the brown color in all its shades, beige, khaki, light golden color, and gray.

Makeup for blue eyes daily makeup that should be well chosen, is the work that we must stay within the requirement of formality, but also beautify and be very natural. In this case, blue-eyed girls, we must seize the pastels and light colors such as gray, violet, and the liner should be in a soft brown tone ever, though some soft shades of blue will favor the dark blue eyes, and mascara should be black or brown to give emphasis to the look.

Not so if you use blue mascara is far from favor you and creates a uniform look that leaves your eyes. So take note next time to choose a soft brown or black for your eyelashes, your eyes will be beautifully and appearance of luminosity increase.