Home treatment for mouth sores

In the mouth can present different types of wounds or sores, and it takes time to heal according to the person, usually the mouth sores, when defenses are down and caused by pathogens that take advantage of the decline of defense to establish and annoying, but disappear when our immune system regains strength and prevents them from becoming symptomatic.

Wounds and sores in the mouth

These conditions can be cured 10 to 20 days, is a normal time, if in case out longer, it will be important to go to a doctor or specialist. But for that kind of wounds or sores, have home remedies to soothe and heal.

The Onion is a very important result, because of its high sulfur content helps eliminate wounds or sores of the mouth, so that the person who has or might prevent injuries, you should eat raw onions, it is easier in salads.

Basil , this pleasant herb not only helps us to wounds or sores of the mouth, it also prevents the smell from the mouth, it is important to stand basil leaves in boiling water and gargle twice a day when it is warm.

Onions and basil for mouth sores

Peppermint oil is an anesthetic agent, takes effect when you rub a bit of mint on the area of the wound or sore, but you do little by little to see if any effect or works for you.

Orange juice, a lack of vitamin C in the body is a weakness for injuries that may occur in the mouth and we know that this fruit is rich in this vitamin, so we must consume juice, but regularly, because if you take every day or in excess, also causes injuries.

Oranges and coconut milk for mouth sores

Coconut milk , this milk quickly cure the wounds of the mouth, it must do four to five times per day.