Makeup tips for blue eyes

For eye makeup, you have to take into account more than just fashion colors. The most attractive colors can show off but really thou shalt bring forth out of them, then, find the colors that suit you. And of course, we must also take into account the time of day for which your makeup, not to fail in makeup.

And as the eye color is also essential, today we give you some ideas for blue eyes makeup.So you see you remember with what suits you best.

Blue eye makeup for the day, is to choose colors that are attractive, favoring blue hue of your eyes and make them look natural, because we use a makeup day more relaxed. These ideals are the brown color in all its shades, beige, khaki, light golden color, and gray.

Makeup for blue eyes daily makeup that should be well chosen, is the work that we must stay within the requirement of formality, but also beautify and be very natural. In this case, blue-eyed girls, we must seize the pastels and light colors such as gray, violet, and the liner should be in a soft brown tone ever, though some soft shades of blue will favor the dark blue eyes, and mascara should be black or brown to give emphasis to the look.

Not so if you use blue mascara is far from favor you and creates a uniform look that leaves your eyes. So take note next time to choose a soft brown or black for your eyelashes, your eyes will be beautifully and appearance of luminosity increase.