How to have perfect skin

The care of our skin is something that almost every woman worries us, especially because we prefer to avoid the visibility of imperfections if you always want to show off perfect hiding over time. Many times it is dry, flaking, or simply shows an excess of sebum and open pores making it not look at all like us like.

Tips for dry
To lead a perfect skin either in our legs, hands, buttocks or elsewhere in the body, it is essential to remember that we must moisturize to protect, there are many treatments on the market moisturizers that will give us good results and allow us to show off a perfect skin. Dry skin in mostly due to lack of hydration, which results in the same desquamation or possible wrinkles, especially in those places where it is thin and sensitive. Treatments rich in vitamin A and E are essential to hydrate and care for regenerating tissue and restoring its natural texture ..

Tips for oily and normal
Generally normal skin, require little care , although it is advisable to keep hydrated if you want to look perfect. Cleaning, and subsequent placement of treatments moisturizing ingredients is key to their care.

For oily skin, should take extra care a little more, since excess sebum, makes it look very shiny, and often poor housekeeping and build up can cause pimples or acne. It is essential to avoid these effects, clean it properly, especially before putting your makeup and at night to remove.

The glare washes or grease, are helpful at the time of removing excess sebum and impurities on the skin. Also recommended astringent tonics that help tighten pores just to avoid the effect of oily shine.
A homemade trick that never fails is a piece of ice wrapped in gauze or a cotton ball and wipe over the skin of the face, this way will close the pores and oily skin can make up without any problems.