Healthy foods that help you lose weight

Good food and health go hand in hand, and if we take care of both aspects, most likely will not have problems of overweight. Many times we complain because we do exercise and the scale continues to set the same kilos, do you happened?
The reason for this is that for a proper functioning of our body the necessary nutrients we need without them, basic functions such as circulation and digestion are affected and therefore we are unable to reach the ideal weight.
Then in blog of Beauty and Health we detail some fruits and vegetables that should be part of your daily diet as they are essential for weight loss in a healthy way:
  • Eggplant : known as the "broom" plant, because it sweeps our intestines preventing the formulation on its walls cholesterol and other waste substances. It also helps regulate bowel movements and reduce the blood glucose level. Another benefit is that it helps prevent fluid retention.
  • Pumpkin : it is used throughout. The flesh light, cleansing and digestive, to prepare all kinds of creams and sauces; pipes (seeds or seedless), such as nuts, are rich in protein, minerals and good fats, and the flowers are created delicious dishes. If you have slow digestion problems, make pumpkin cream will help regulate intestinal transit.
  • Courgette (zucchini) is the garrison star. Emphasize its diuretic power, as it helps to reduce volume, is very light (only provides 19 kcal per 100 g), is rich in fiber, which keeps the intestinal transit in perfect condition.
  • Cherry : it is very light. A hearty helping of the fruit represents only 100 kcal. Moreover, its high fiber content gives a mild laxative effect that helps digestion. It is highly recommended in weight control diets, especially because it has the power to help reduce abdominal fat. Be sure to include in your daily diet, as they not only help shape your figure, and also the presence of vitamin A and C in cherries protect and soften the skin.
  • Asparagus : containing asparagine, a substance very diuretic that helps eliminate toxins through urine. They also have potassium and water, an excellent combination that makes the asparagus in one of the most suitable food against fluid retention. And last but not least, have satiating effect due to its high fiber content. We advise you to consume natural as containing abundant sodium canned, which makes them less power draining.