Some tips to relieve back pain

Backaches are the most common, we know this because the vast majority of the people has been felt with different intensities, this is sometimes due to a physical activity or a job after a time or in unusual position But there are cases that these pains occur because a very forced work done, or is a long time at the computer, or stand at all times and in other cases is because the person is overweight, stress, or are sedentary.

Other common causes of these back pain are also incorrect movements and postures, is so wrong muscle groups are overloaded. Those prone to such ailments are nurses, people who do manual labor, working loading weight objects, sportsmen, they involve turning and bending movements.

back pain

Been diagnosed as eight out of ten Spanish, suffers from that condition throughout his life, which affects the health and welfare. This pain is one of the most persistent, sometimes starting with mild pain that gradually intensifies.


For those who suffer from this type of pain, but mild, experts recommend an analgesic to relieve one of them is acetylsalicylic acid, better known as aspirin, to be an anti-inflammatory, relieving pain.

Recominda also a balanced diet with the right foods, reduce inflation that occurs and other pain related to arthritis. They also indicate that pain is from lack of vitamin D, so experts recommend eating more foods with vitamin D among these are: cheese, egg, milk, cod liver oil and others.

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