Foods that help with stress

In recent times that things are changing, there is more competition in everything that exists, whether the work, studies and others, climate change, the world is more polluted and it is affecting people greatly so most suffer from stress, but we can avoid this terrible problem.

Fresh and dried fruits that we consume

How? The question arises because for this very close to us there are foods that are of great help to avoid this evil, it comes to those who contribute to our body vitamins A, B, C and E and minerals, usually consume the things we like and are products that provide us with almost nothing, so it is important to know what foods contain vitamins and minerals that are directly fighting free radical formation.

Citrus important to avoid stress

We show the list of foods that contain vitamins that lines indicated above:

Vitamin A is deposited in carrots, spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, melons and sweet potatoes.

Vitamin B, is found in meats, cereals, dairy products, in avocado, cabbage, green beans and yeast, these vitamins strengthen the central nervous system and give us a little sedative effect.

Vitamin C: found in broccoli, peppers, melons, tomatoes and peincipalmente or in greater amounts in citrus.

Vitamin E is concentrated in the nuts, and vegetable oils.

Meat and vegetables that help against stress

The leading minerals to counter stress are calcium, is called "natural tranquilizer" and, of course, few things are as soothing effect as drinking a glass of warm milk or a chamomile before bed.

Magnesium is found in vegetables and eating them raw is recommended, since at the time of cooking may disappear, also advised to make soup in the water in which cooked or make a sauce, is also found in nuts, seeds and cereals, but you have to eat them whole because magnesium is destroyed in the grinding process.

Potassium is found in fruits one is the banana, whole grains and vegetables, as well as meat, are very important because they stimulate the organic reaction in response to stress and facing the body secretes hormones that also have properties that relax and be maintained as the heart and therefore the heart rate.

Of all the foods mentioned, some also stimulate the proper functioning of nerve cells, in this way is that they help the body to stay relaxed, the foods to which we refer are: almonds, wheat germ, sunflower seeds, seed Wheat and bananas, of course there are others that increase irritability.